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10633 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020


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Westminster Menus

Happy Hour
& Specials


Libations - Ch

Mason Jar Cocktails $13

On Tap


Jone Family gin, fresh basil, simple syrup, soda, lime

Watermelon Cooler

Blanco tequila, Aperol, watermelon, citrus, lemon-lime

Hunch Punch

Ole Smoky Hunch Punch 'shine, house sour, lemon-lime soda

Whiskey "Float" 

Jack Daniels + vanilla 'shine, cherry, cola

Southern Peach

American Born Dixie 'shine. peach liquor, sweet tea, sour mix


Old Smokey orange, vanilla 'shine, orange juice, lemon-lime soda

Strawberry Rye

Four Roses bourbon, house strawberry syrup, sour mix, lemon-lime soda

Blueberry Smash

Western Son blueberry vodka, smashed blueberries, simple syrup, lime, soda

Smokin' Mule 

Mezcal, lime, spice, ginger beer

Blackberry Lime

Ol' Smokey Blackberry 'shine, lime, sour mix, lemon-lime soda

Local & Regional Brews

Hazer Tag IPA, $6 Fort Collins, CO - ABV 7% - IBU 38

SKA True Blonde, $6 Durango, CO - ABV 5.3% - IBU 20

Breckinridge Avalance Amber, $7 Breckenridge, CO - ABV 5% - IBU 19

Breckinridge Vanilla Porter, $7 Breckenridge, CO - ABV 5.4% - IBU 16

New Belgium Fat Tire, $7 Denver, CO - ABV 5.2% - IBU 22

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout, $8 Longmont, CO - ABV 6% - IBU 25

Great Divide Titan IPA, $7 Denver, CO - ABV 7.1% - IBU 50

Stem Ciders Real Dry, $6 Denver, CO - ABV 6.8% - IBU N/A

Rotating Seasonal Ever changing

Blue Moon, $6 Denver, CO - ABV 5.3% – IBU 13

Dry Dock Apricot Blonde, $7 Aurora, CO - ABV 5.1% – IBU 17

Bootstrap Insane Rush IPA, $7 Longmont, CO - ABV 7.6% – IBU 51

Upslope Craft Lager, $7 Durango, CO - ABV 5.0% – IBU 19

Denver Juicy Freak IPA, $7 Denver, CO - ABV 6.5% – IBU 70

Howdy Pilsner, $7 Denver, CO - ABV 4.5% – IBU 40

Coors Banquet, $6 Golden, CO - ABV 5.0% – IBU 9.5

Coors Light, $6 Golden, CO - ABV 4.2% – IBU 10

Odell 90 Shilling, $7 Fort Collins, CO - ABV 5.3% – IBU 27

Rotating Seasonal Ever changing

Wines by the Glass 

Other Brews

These wines are also available by the bottle.

The Beach - Rose, $12

Whitehaven - Sauvignon Blanc, $13

Banfi - Pinot Grigio, $13

Sonoma Cutrer - Chardonnay, $13

Jeio Prosecco 187ml, $12


Hess - Cabernet, $11

Juggernaut - Pinot Noir, $13

Michael David Freakshow - Red Blend, $12

Juggernaut - Cabernet Sauvignon, $13

Usual Suspects $7


Bud Light

Coors Light

Coors Banquet

Miller Lite

Michelob Ultra

Schilling London Dry Cider, $7 Seattle, WA - ABV 6.5%

Anderson Valley Brew Co GOSE, $7 Boonville, CA - ABV 4.2%


Modelo Especial, $6 Mexico - ABV 4.5%

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pilsner, $7 
Longmont, CO – ABV 4.7% - IBU 30

Boulevard Tank 7 Belgian Style, $8 Kansas City, MO - ABV 8.5% - IBU 38

White Rascal Belgian Style White Ale, $8 
Boulder, CO - ABV 5.6% - IBU 22

Odell Brewing Sippin' Pretty Sour, $7 
Fort Collins, CO - ABV 4.5% - IBU N/A

Long Drink, $7 Gin-based seltzer

High Noon Seltzer, $7 Vodka-based seltzer

Lone River Ranch Water, $7 Tequila-based seltzer

Starters -Ch


Sriracha Devil Eggs - $12

Crispy prosciutto, parmesan, chives, sriracha

Queso - $16

House-made with roasted chilies and chips

Crispy Brussels - $15

Hot honey, feta, chive, lemon

Baked Cheese - $18

House-made gournay cheese baked with marinara, served with pesto bread

Pretzels - $14

Demi-soft pretzel bites with our house queso

Jalapeno-Bacon Rangoons - $14

Inside-out jalapeno 'poppers' wrapped in crispy wontons w/ house ranch

Pickle Chips - $13

Lightly breaded & fried crispy, w/ house ranch

Cast Iron Wings - $19

One pound [house-brined] wings, choose BBQ, House Hot, or 'Nashville' HOT

Hot Chicken Nachos - $19

Queso, mac sauce, roasted jalapenos, tomato, crema, chive

Greens - Ch


Wrap it all up in an oversized tortilla +1


Caesar - $14

Romaine hearts, garlicky-dressing, house croutons, shaved parmesan, lemon zest

Chop-Chop - $14

Mozz, roasted tomato, brussel sprouts, roasted red bell pepper, romaine, honey-balsamic vinaigrette,

house croutons, shaved parmesan, herbs

Strawberry Gorgonzola - $14

Strawberries, gorgonzola, candied pecans, mixed greens, crispy wonton, white balsamic vinaigrette

Wedge - $13

Iceberg, gorgonzola, bacon, tomato, onion, buttermilk-bleu dressing

Hot Chicken Salad- $17.5

Hot chicken atop chopped romaine w/ shredded cheddar,

tomato, bacon, onion, house ranch

Thai Chicken - $15

Shredded chicken, napa cabbage, carrot, cilantro, spring mix, ginger-sesame vin, crispy wonton

Specialties - Ch

House Specialties

Mac & Cheese - $15

Cavatappi, house cheese sauce, baked with buttery breadcrumbs

+$5 Top with hot chicken

Hot Chicken Plate - $18

10oz country fried breast, choose house hot or Nashville hot, w/ house cut fries & slaw

Catfish & 'Chips' - $19

Deep-fried with a light & crispy breading, served with house cut fries, slaw & spicy tartar

Blackened Salmon - $26

Honey-mustard glazed, house cut fries, mixed greens

Grilled Cheese & Soup - $18

Muenster grilled cheese (add bacon +2, tomato +1) w/a bowl of housemade tomato soup

Pies - Ch

Rustic Pies

All pizzas are individual (8x12"-ish) sized, made using freshly sourced and house-made ingredients.

They are then baked in our =/- 700 degree brick oven.


Plain Jane - $18

Red sauce, mozz, parm, herbs

Spicy Sausage - $20

House-made hot Italian sausage, grilled onions, red sauce, mozz, parm, herbs

Cheese Steak - $20

Thin sliced sirloin, mac sauce, caramelized onion, mozz, chive, & pretzel crust

Sticky Sweet - $20.5

Pepperoni, mushroom, feta, red sauce, mozz, parm, herbs, hot honey

Brussel Sprout- $19

Garlic oil, caramelized onion, roasted brussel sprouts, bacon, mozz, parm, herbs

Hot Chicken Pie- $20

Hot chicken, white sauce, cheddar, mozz, bacon, ranch crust

Tomato + Pesto- $19

Roasted tomato, basil pesto, red Sauce, mozz, parm, herbs

Pepperoni- $20

Roasted red pepper, confit garlic, red sauce, mozz, parm, herbs

BBQ Chicken- $20

Roasted chicken, bacon, caramelized onion, our BBQ sauce, cheddar, mozz, parm, chive

Prosciutto & Arugula- $20

White sauce, mozz, parm, dressed arugula

Braised Broccolini- $19

White sauce, roasted tomato, caramelized onion, mozz, parm, herbs

Sandwiches - Ch

Two-Handed Sandwiches

Served with house cut fries, mixed greens, or baked mac & cheese (+3)


Hot Chicken - $17.5

Fried crispy chicken (choose house hot or Nashville hot), spicy sauce, fried pickles, lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese spread

Turkey Burger - $18

Muenster cheese, avocado, arugula, sriracha mayo

Green Chile Burger* - $19

Hatch green chiles, caramelized onion, bacon, pepper jack, roasted garlic aioli

MC Burger*- $19

Cheddar, bacon, prosciutto, fried egg, roasted garlic aioli on an oversized English muffin

All-American*- $18

Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

Bacon Mushroom Bleu*- $19

Gorgonzola spread, bacon, mushroom, arugula, roasted garlic aioli

Pimento Cheese Burger*- $19

House pimento cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, roasted garlic aioli

The Carnivore*- $25

Four patties, bacon, cheddar, pepper jack, roasted garlic aioli, house BBQ sauce

Brunch - Ch

Saturdays & Sundays from 10am–2pm


Beignets - $13
Our version of a classic, with homemade créme anglaise. Fried to order

Pull-Apart Monkey Bread - $12

Cream cheese frosting, candied pecans

Queso & Chips with Chorizo - $15

Creamy cheese with roasted peppers

Stillery “Bennie” - $15*

Served on an over-sized English Muffin with breakfast potatoes or fruit.

Griddled proscuitto, roasted tomato, poached farm-egg, hollandaise

Salmon “Bennie” - $16*

Served on an over-sized English Muffin with breakfast potatoes or fruit.

Blackened salmon, crema, poached farm-egg, fried capers, hollandaise 

Steak & Eggs “Bennie” - $17*

Served on an over-sized English Muffin with breakfast potatoes or fruit.

Sliced/seared hangar steak, charred brussel sprouts, poached farm-egg, hollandaise

Biscuit & Gravy - $6

Oversized biscuit with pork sausage gravy. + Add a biscuit for $3

Chicken Biscuit - $15

Chicken tenders (house hot or Nashville hot), cheddar, pork sausage gravy, breakfast potatoes

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit - $14* 

Bacon, proscuitto, folded egg, cheddar, +breakfast potatoes or fruit

BLAT - $14 

Bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula, chipotle aioli, toasted ciabatta,

with your choice of breakfast potatoes or fruit.

Hot Chicken & Waffle - $15

Chicken tenders (house hot or Nashville hot), waffle, powdered sugar, butter, syrup

Brioche French Toast - $13

Served with fresh fruit

Chorizo Pizza - $16 

Scrambled egg, queso, chorizo, mozzarella, cheddar

Chipotle Guac Bowl - $15 

Smashed avocado, potatoes, chipotle aioli, roasted tomatoes, arugula, two eggs 

Sausage Gravy Bowl - $15 

Potatoes, house-made pork sausage gravy, cheddar, two eggs

Traditional Breakfast - $13 

Two eggs, bacon or sausage, breakfast potatoes or fruit, toast

Breakfast Burro - $14 

Four eggs, bacon or sausage, cheddar, potatoes

Honied Yogurt - $9

Greek yogurt, local honey, granola, fresh fruit

*Consuming raw or undercooked protein may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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